Installation from github#

The latest stable version of swyft can be installed via pip. To do so, run the command:

pip install swyft

This command also installs required dependencies.

The development version can be installed using

pip install git+

If in trouble, check out information about how to install pytorch.

Development mode#

If you’re interested in contributing to swyft there is another procedure. First clone the github repo, navigate to the repo in your terminal, from within that directory run the command:

pip install git+ -e .[dev]

The -e flag will install swyft in development mode such that your version of the code is used when swyft is imported. The [dev] flag installs the extra tools necessary to format and test your contribution.

Compiling documentation#

Compiling the docs (which you find on requires an additional flag. Then the docs may be compiled by navigating to the docs folder.

pip install git+ -e .[docs]
cd docs
make html